Spiritual Coherence in fellowship

I have learned that many people live in a quiet desperation. I myself have experience the space of what is to be around people and feel alone.

There is a spiritual coherence that is built when fellowship is present. The atmosphere changes, the space feels connected and often times it is how the spirit of Joy abides.

Spiritual coherence is a balanced state of harmony that occurs when mind, body and soul are present and fully connected to a higher dimension (God).

This connection is built when we are in fellowship to one another as the bible often instructs. We aren’t meant to do things alone or be alone; as it is not how God has designed us to be.

I would like to encourage you to strive for fellowship and seek this coherence with like minded people that are Christ centered and spirit filled so that you may experience the joy of what is to be in the space of togetherness.

God I ask you to grant me a space of fellowship with people that have been designed by you to be with me in this togetherness.
Grant me the ability to be a blessing to them and receive blessings from them.
Thank you for allowing us all to re-discover what it is to be like you in these spaces and give us wisdom to know how to edify one another.


Feels like Home

Christmas season is a wonderful time to cherish and re-discover Jesus.
The birth of Christ transformed the world forever.

Whos is Jesus Christ and why should we celebrate?
The Word became a human being and, full of grace and truth, lived among us. We saw his glory, the glory which he received as the Father’s only Son. (John 1:14)

The glory of the father made known on earth through ultimate redemption by the son.
His grace covered us in love and His truth gave us redemption.

He allowed us to know what is possible with God, became the way, the truth and the life and the sacrifice to atone us for our sins. The love that made us possible.

The love that brings us home.

God thank you for Jesus Christ and for all things made possible through Him.
I ask you to reveal to us who Jesus is day in and day out, and reveal your love to us so that we may experience your glory on earth as it is in heaven


Have you heard

Have you heard yourself and felt like you had nothing different to offer?
Nothing that had not been done before or created before?

In the contrast of all that resides around us, at times, I have. I have had the experience that all I had to offer had been done before. In other words in my search for autonomy not independance; I have manifested to fulfill spaces of creativity with desilusion. I have reduced my power for the sake of accomodation.

This brings me to remember Jesus; as a man one that I admire and often read about. In three years he transformed the world. His writings lives through today and in my life he lives as a daily inspiration because I am present that the only unique thing I have that transforms is the love I have to offer.

Discovering love in unique places and spaces is something that intrigues my understanding. What would it look like to discover love instead of desilusion?
What would it look like to discover what love is in creativity?

Jesus allowed for discovery and offered his love everywhere he went, in spaces of confrontation, darkness, sickness, loss, death and life. He became a space where love could exist and transform.
What would it look like to become a space where love can exist and transform like Jesus did?

He loves us so much that he did not simply die for us but resurected for us. What would it look like to resurect for something or someone you belive in or love?
Are there spaces in your life where the dry bones are to be comanded to walk again?

Only love can fill the empty spaces and transform. I would like to encourage you to discover love in every space of your life and to bring love to every space where love is to be present.

God help me to discover love in every space where love is to be present.
Reveal to me your love and transform my life according to the blessings
you have for me so that I may be blessed by you.


Touched by Grace

Where wisdom is present grace abides. I had hopes for my life that often translated as misfortunes. Nothing went right and all had failed. I found myself in a space of nothingness; nothing went the way I hoped for myself to accomplish.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you just did not know?
This space occupied my life for sometime. I did not know why certain things had happened, why I lost my grandparents, why what looked so easy for others to accomplish was so challenging for me and what was easy for me is so challenging for others. One thing I was certain; where wisdom is present, grace abides.

I prayed for grace in the morning and in the evening. I asked God to fill the empty spaces in my life and plant seeds of hope and grace in my heart. In the quest for understanding I realized that some things are simply to be experienced rather than understood. The will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot keep you. I had a desire to be kept, and in many ways we all have a desire to be kept by grace rather than misfortunes. I would like to encourage you today to plant seeds of grace in your life so that you may see the bright hope and future God has for you.

God I ask you to plant in my life seeds of grace and hope,
transform all the mundane experiences into spiritual ones
so that I may be blessed and made perfect in your love


When the wellbeing of another is essential for your own.

Something to have, something to keep and something to hold. That is most known of love and of what love is. Someone asked me once what I had that love is; my answer was very simple. I responded by saying, ” Love is when the wellbeing of another is essential to your own.”

I often think about the words of Jesus when He expressed that we are to do to others as unto ourselves. I have seen many passages in the bible where He has gone out of His way to heal people, set the captive free, give water to the thirsty, food to the hungry and hope to the hopeless.

He started by doing this to His neighbors and to those around Him, which brings me back to; ” what am I to my surroundings that I can be for him? “

Everything is to be from the Divine (God) to the outside of myself. In a relationship, I am no different than this.

I have served in church since I was six years old, and have been of service to communities since I was about 10. I helped start orphanages, a recreational center, served in music ministries, thought Sunday school and I also flunked a pretty big relationship in my life. This brought me to the realization that I needed to lose myself in order to gain it. So I did.

I needed to lose myself in anything and everything I did in order to become the love I wanted to attract. I lived in the world of service, it’s what I knew and it’s great; however; it can very much exhausting to a person.

I then decided to shift my world of serving others to being of service to God even when serving others. I have since then experienced freedom. Freedom in love, freedom in being, freedom in service and freedom that surpasses the common understanding of reason.

“In Colossians chapter 3, verse 23 ‘ And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. ‘

It is no difference in relationships. People often have a hint of expectations when serving or giving unto another, How is that freedom?

When looking from the perspective of affluence and influence, I see how Jesus created that in such a humble and free path that it is rare in the world of today. He gave and freely gave and He became and so He is.

What if we can do the same in everything we relate to? What if we are here to love and be loved and simply experience and expand in love as human beings?

In this thought, I hope you have a great Valentine’s evening and that you are of the outermost service to you also and to others from a Jesus perspective instead of a self-inflicted reality. We are just passing through.

God fill me with your  love and instruct me to love as you love, Fill me with your  truth and allow me to be more as you are


Love and Expectations

Misplaced expectations cause unfulfillment. Have you ever had a though implied on someone followed by an expectation that left you completely disregarded?
I have often seen people impose pain in themselves by placing an energetic agreement on someone having never expressed that agreement through words. The energetic agreement and the physical agreement simply were not expressed congruently.

The Bible makes mention in Proverbs, that hope deferred makes the heart sick but a  longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

This is often the open door people give the enemy to parade in the relationship. When the person unknowingly carries that expectation, it is as if he or she is walking around with a cloud above the head. Nobody told that person what was expected and so there is no way to properly fulfill it. This also leaves the person who has placed the expectation without expression due to the mere fact that this person is simply living inside of her or his head instead of out there with the other person in the relationship.

I bring this up because the bible also notes that we are to guard our hearts for it is the wellspring of life. This is what we are to guard against, not as if we were never going to be hurt in relationships, therefore, this does serve to say we are not to put the heart on the line of fire. Either way, since all things work for good, it is all a form of personal expansion in the love we are that Christ can be in us.


Father who is heaven,
I ask you for wisdom in communicating with others all that I am to communicate.
I ask you to add kindness to my speaking and prepare the heart of that person that is going to receive my communication.
Thank you for all that you are, that I am still learning to be and deliver my heart from possible deferred hopes.


Take two

Have you ever had a day that you wished you had a do-over button?
Perhaps the plans you had simply did not go through as you thought they would, or maybe you laid out plans that simply did not fulfill your expectations.

The moment you faced everything you ever contributed to, even your worse nightmares. The lives you affected, the hearts you broke, the people you met only to look around and realize they simply aren’t what you thought they were.

It is fairly easy to take yourself for granted when everything is well, until a source outside of your every-day commodities allows for situational confrontations so that you can see yourself as God would.

God often inspires people to be strong in the grace He offers. Evil often wants to take your eyes off of the promises, for the mere fact that if you do, you already lost more than your own life. What would it take to stay in truth when obstacles are threatening?

What would it take to create a path where you see none, and a life where everything you had was simply taken away?
What would it take to be someone you have never been before and live a life you have never lived before. Would you have courage to do so?

Do you ever allow for that level of courage in your life?
In the verse reference bellow, God has assured success in any path simply by affirming the power people have in Him through His spirit.

In 2 Timothy chapter 1, verse 7, we read; For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and a sound mind.

What if you knew the path you are about to create for yourself is sure to work itself out and you have absolute success? 

Most people want assurance for their investments. Whether it is financial, emotional or even personal to oneself. People don’t want to be heart-broken or in despair. The knowing that no matter what happens, you know in the end you succeed and your heart is never broken again. The only thing is; assurance often robs you of faith thus than not allowing you to grow closer to God, the giver of faith. Do you then rely in assurance and would it not be exhausting to live life as if you were one?

Don’t confuse assurance with certainty, in faith you always are certain. In the certainty God gives, success is always around the corner. Having shared this with you; what is the certainty invested in you by Him that you are to share with someone today?

In creating that for others, you often find yourself in the path of life. A life you have never had before and you simply become. In this becoming, you are made new and in this new you get to know yourself as an expansion of a dimension you never experienced before.


Father maker of heaven and earth,
I ask you to grant me the courage to live a life worthy of your name.
Inspire me with your wisdom and establish me in your truth.
I give you my life and ask you to be the lamp to my feet and light to my way,
making all things new.
Allow me to fulfill what I came here to fulfill and deliver me from all evil.


Who are the orphans today and where are the widows?

The concept of what it is to be and American for a girl like myself, who was born and raised in Brazil, is a process that is learned. I spent years of my life educating myself and training myself to look the part so that I would be able to succeed as they do. I am a foreign born American; at least that is what is written on my naturalization papers.

I grew up with groups of Americans going to my  birth country mostly visiting me at church and teaching me how to be, how to behave, how to be the first as they are. Later I moved to this country and I am happy I did. This is not a “Let’s bash the America we know, blog entry.” It is rather a perspective share to the viewer from the other side.

In two thousand and nine, a group of seventeen people and I chose to go to Chihuahua, Mexico. We wanted to share the love of Christ with some orphans and we extended ourselves to the Taharumara Indians while we were there also.

We arrived in Chihuahua and were very well received by a group of pastors and missionaries who also invited us for dinner across the street. This was the only night we would have this privilege to rest in a hotel and be with everyone together. Upon having dinner and getting acquainted to one another,  we made plans as to how the remainder of our days there were going to play out. We had a lot to do and many children to meet. We had to be organized, ready for anything because curve-balls happen and we better be ready to handle anything. We had no idea one was about to be thrown at us.

The plan was everything we talked about. The plan was to devote ourselves to that small orphanage where children were dropped off and refurbish their tiny learning center and later we were go to the Taharumara village and place a clean water filter somewhere we didn’t know yet.

We prayed every morning, every-time we got into the cars and every night before going to sleep in our separate floors, rooms or wherever we were put in. We counted all as joy and adventure. We were happy to serve, be blessed and be there with them as one of us and us as one of them.

We finally arrived in the orphanage;
I entered in through these rusty gates and immediately noticed the plain grey looking brick walls, ahead of me to the right I saw a sierra with beautiful mountains, and to the left a thing that looked like a house and another smaller structure that they called a school.

The pastor took us inside where they had a few rooms with red bunk-beds and I also saw some mattresses on the floor with toys around. I kept walking, getting the tour of my life.

I kept walking and the more they showed me around the more I swallowed my own saliva so I would not have a complete breakdown.

We had brought items to give away also, items such as food, pens, pencils, tooth brushes, tooth paste and other school supplies. We crossed the boarders of Chihuahua driving a bus carrying these items for them.

This was a day that I realized how privileged I am to live in a country such as America. We had brought big bags of fruits, apples being one of them. Some of the girls from the group set besides the children talking to them getting to know them while sharing food and eating with them. Others were standing watching. I remember as if it was today, the time the children were given the apples. I was next to this little boy.

His close were worn out and he had some dirt on his face from playing outside, and he kept hitting the apple on the table as if it was a toy. As I have seen, it’s common for children to play with their food, so I thought that was what he was doing, simply playing.

After a while of observing him hitting the apple on the table, I went up to the man standing. I asked him if he knew anything about the boy’s behavior and if there was something I could do for him. The man kindly responded, ” He doesn’t know what to do with the apple, he has never had one.” My world was slightly shared at that moment,  I could not imagine a child living in Mexico. It is right besides the U.S technically my neighbor; not being able to eat an apple.

I walked up to the boy and set with him at the table. I showed him as I cut the apple how to eat it. He acted surprised and sort of gravitated towards some of the other food he had. He did eat the apple. The main thought in my mind was ” What if he likes this apple and I cannot assure that he will have this for the rest of his life? “

See, I was not the richest in the group and I was there temporarily for a couple of weeks. I only had a couple of  weeks to do something for them and the reality set in fast, after seeing the boy.

That afternoon we separated ourselves in groups. A few girls were to the left in some room doing activities with some of the children such as face painting, games and girl talk. Some were outside playing with footballs and other toys the boys had brought with them. I was at the school cleaning, dusting off and removing old furniture from inside the place to outside in the sun. Some of the girls that were with me, were sanding off the old paint from the furniture I had just given them, so we could refurbish them to be re-used in the school again. Some of the guys were striping the paint from the walls inside so we could re-paint it. Meanwhile some were placing the new school supplies we had brought for them.

We shared skits with them, that we created ourselves from bible stories, we played guitar for them and sang songs they had never heard, which had them started on singing for us also. It was fun to see strangers become friends through just simple acts of kindness.

We took turns between serving and sharing at the orphanage and the Taharumara Indian village, where we found a place near the mountains to place a water filtration system.
I won’t go into much details about this village because this blog entry is already so long and the longest one yet. In order to keep it shorter I will share about the orphans and the widows.

I walked up to one of the women in the Taharumara village. I had the impression she was a single one. I asked about her children through a translator, the Indians do not speak Spanish; they speak their own language. She shared with me that she had ten children, and I saw only two of them. So I asked her where the others ones were so I could meet them also; she proceeded to tell me they were up in heaven as she pointed up. I had no idea what to say at that moment. There were so many moments in this trip that shaped my life. It was as if carving a pathway. The villagers also shared with us that their language is the only one where the word love, does not exist. How do I express love to someone who’s language does not even convey such.

So I kept asking questions and I learned more in that afternoon in the village than in supreme college courses. This was life vivid and in colors. They don’t have consistent medical care, dental care or methods of preventions. The children often die before the age of five.

I will never know if I was ever able to actually be the love they needed.

I didn’t know much about them prior to this trip aside from the common knowledge I found online while researching.  You see, there was not much about Taharumaras online prior to this trip we took. I left the village that day to go back to the orphanage to finish what we had started. That night we slept in missionary housing away from the sight we were working at.

Long were the days and short the hours. We truly enjoyed so much that we felt as if they were blessing us instead of the other way around. At the end of this trip the orphanage was refurbished.

When we drove and crossed the borders back to America, my life had transformed. I quickly saw that, although dressed differently, orphans are everywhere and widows are many. I saw single mothers in similar needs, people with parents that are no where to be found. I saw how much work is needed here also and how easy it is for us all to get side tracked, distracted with things that don’t matter.

The difference we make is in the difference itself. I had no idea what was going to happen during that trip. I was willing, present, compelled, spirit filled; I had so much joy and  I brought that with me. For some reason that was enough. They shared all they had with us, and we shared us with them.  We ate with the orphans, the widows, the sick, the blind, the Indians, the pastors, the missionaries, the strangers, the friends, the rich, the poor, the man, the women, and on the last night we ate amognst ourselves only while barefoot and wearing white.

We definitely talked about Jesus to them but most of all we extended His actions. In that exchange of love towards one another, I became different. I hope to continue to live this diference everywhere I go.

In James chapter 1, verse 27 we read
‘Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.’


Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come, your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors,
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


A place to call home

Religion is a word that carries a lot of heaviness. People quickly associate the Christian with the heaviness it carries. It is quite a grieving experience for many when seeking the Jesus others talk about. Who is He? Where is He? Does He even care?

People are hurting, suffering and why? I myself have asked these questions and in different occasions have sought to receive answers that would satisfy my want for a resolution. Where does it all begin and when does it all end?

What exactly are we looking for when we seek God? I truly believe that at the core of humanity we are all in search for home. A home we can belong in, a home we are made for, a home where fellowship is at the core of not simply existing and rather a place where we can fully experience living.
First and foremost for those who have encountered a masked form of Christianity and have believed lies that the false indoctrination of legalistic religion brings. On the behalf of all Christians who seek a true relationship with the Creator, I sincerely apologize to you. Christianity is about a relationship with the Creator, one that allows for mistakes, grace, forgiveness and the kind of love that cannot be easily broken. He is Love and love covers a multitude of sins.

 So many are constantly in the search and because they cannot see, or hear, or they may think they do not possess what is sufficient, fall prey to the belief that God is no longer the God that comes to us. We are to seek; He promises we will find.  Therefore in the midst of the journey or while waiting in the hallways in between doors, remember He is also the God that meets us exactly where we are. So when you can’t see Him, rest assured that He sees you; when you don’t hear Him, He hears you and answers your prayers before you even finish asking; when you don’t believe, He steps into your disbelief and compels you through His love and when you feel lost He finds you because He is the same yesterday today and forever. He loves you too much to leave you where you are.

Imagine a garden and that an artist created a flower for this beautiful garden. He created everything and all the flowers in that garden.  He knows their name, He knows the scent they give off; He knows their place and position in the garden and He loves them. They are His cherished possessions, His treasure. One day a stranger walks in when the artist is away and steps on one of them. That flower is now hurt and although unable to move properly, it gives off a scent and the artist smells the fragrance from a distance. He immediately goes to the garden and restores the flower to it’s original condition. The garden is His and the flowers are His, therefore He knows what it takes to restore them. Although the flower could not properly hear, or move, or see because it was stepped on, the scent immediately called for the creator.

Now imagine yourself as that flower and how the artist that created you knows your scent and cares about you more than you could ever imagine. In many instances when we feel as if we cannot go to Him, He meets us where we are.

In Luke chapter 19, the bible tells a story about a man called Zacchaeus and how he sought to see Jesus and on account of the crowd he could not, he was small in stature. So he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Him. When Jesus came to the place,  He looked up and said to him “ Zacchaeus hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today.” He hurried and came down and received him joyfully. And when they saw it, they all grumbled, “He has gone in to be the guest of a man who is a sinner.”

Zacchaeus made an attempt, an effort, and Jesus stayed with him and was received by him. In spite of the crowd’s upsets.

I truly believe that just as the bible portrays in this story and many others, Jesus still meets us where we are. As I have understood before, I know Christianity to be a relationship with the Creator and is a constant spiritual practice; a oneness with God.

Jesus reveal your love to us in such a tangible way that we may not feel unloved.
Inspire us with the wisdom that you and us together can do anything.


Let there be light!

I Mathew chapter 6, where Jesus teaches regarding laying up treasures in heaven rather than on earth. I grasped the general concept and idea, I have never really stopped to read it as I did today.

I started reading verse by verse and seeking distinctions in the dictionary for each word in hopes I would gain a different perspective. The result has been eye opening!

Jesus starts on verse 19, by saying;  ” Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on Earth, where the moth can corrupt, the rust destroys and where thieves break in and steal. “
I then sought the distinctions of the words moth, rust and thief in a much proper way rather then the assumed definitions based on everyday generalities.

According to my findings the proper definition for such are as followed:

1- Moth
A nocturnal insect similar to butterflies and is attracted to light.

2- Rust
Substance formed on the surface of iron and steel as a result of reacting with water and air. Rust can cause metal parts that are supposed to slide over one another to become stuck and can also make holes in sheet metal. Keeps iron (which is a conductor); from conducting proper electricity.

3- Thief
A person who steals another person’s property specially by stealth and without using force or violence.

I was surprised at how many times I unknowingly allowed the moths, rusts and thieves to corrupt and teal from me. I realized I have taken many actions in life which is to, “lay up” that were absolutely correct and yet around the wrong surroundings. I am a person who truly tries to keep a heaven perspective when making decisions and I strive to not aim for earth only. How could then a person that prays like a do and read as much as I do end up not properly discerning these things sooner than later?

Notice that the moth although an insect and appears to fly as a butterfly does; is is not a butterfly. They are also attracted to light and as to butterflies; artificial light confuses them as they rely on the natural light of the Sun to guide them.

The rust is formed upon as a result of interacting with water and wind and makes itself noticeable on the surface of strong metals such as iron and steel. In Proverbs chapter 27, verse 17, it is mentioned that iron sharpens iron. Rust is then of no benefit, except to make itself known in such ways. Given that it is formed on the surface of such metal as a result of interaction. Now we can see who they are and distinguish the difference.

What truly blew my mind the most, was when I searched for the definition of what a common everyday thief is. I had this generalized idea that I would certainly know if a thief broke in. Things would be messy, items would be gone and something would be visibly broken. Evidence would certainly be all over the place. Isn’t that what we see in movies and the common portrait reality of what a thief is?

Well, as you can see in the definition provided above, stealth is their main trait. Going unnoticed as one. The everyday thief tends to not use force or violence and are “pros” at keeping it under the raps.

Jesus is attempting to warn us in this parable and those who have eyes will see and those who have ears will hear what He is saying. “Jesus also says on chapter 20, verse 21, ‘but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’

I went after the definition of the importance of the heart. The heart is defined as the central or innermost part of something. It is also a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation, being essential for the survival of a being.

A treasure is defined as a valuable item, a gem, cherished, gold, silver and something to keep carefully.

Although these appeared to me as simple definitions, I took a careful look at the message given. The enemy wants to disturb our hearts, for it is essential for our sustainability and life. The thing is, what does the enemy look like?

Without placing judgement and rather attempting to discern surroundings; how many times did the enemy go unnoticed?

Perhaps dressed as a moth and perceived by many as a butterfly?

A thief and yet stealth in tactics that we may have perceived as calm and collected. A rust; to rub off on those who consider themselves iron only to produce corruption?

We are to sort through, distinguish and define our surroundings in attempt to not treasure a moth like person, a thief or a rust. Rather take actions towards a place where these don’t stand a chance of infiltrating. This is in regards to our own selves also!

We are also to search within and make sure we are not being these definitions in our lives towards ourselves or another.

The things, people, places, activities and conversations we treasure affect our heart’s wealth and health. I don’t mean just in a physical way either; I believe that some without knowing are being affect spiritually due to such things.

Jesus as we understand that you resurrected and are still alive, please help us to distinguish our surroundings. Instruct us on how to lay up our treasures in heaven where the moth, thief and rust cannot destroy. Help us to be people that are internally and externally healthy and instruct us also on what to treasure.