Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. This is a devotional platform that serves the purpose of encouraging those who seek.

I was born in Brazil and later moved to sunny South Florida where I attended Florida Atlantic University. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Communication.

I currently live in California and have a passion for elevating global awareness on spiritual consciousness as to what is to pursue life from a Christ-like perspective.

I had a near death experience when I was younger that changed my life forever. I was touched by an angel and he gave me insights of heaven and a second chance to live in spiritual abundance I never knew was possible. I now strive to pass what I learned along to others. I woke up from my car accident differently and I came back renewed.

Encouragement is essential for the soul and as many have refreshed me; I do my best to pay it forward by writing these devotionals. As I learned that the wellbeing of others is essential for my own I truly hope you benefit from what I share in writing as much as possible.