The evidence we give ourselves and the gift of love!

This past Tuesday I gathered with a group of people practicing present awareness. Awareness is something I value. The connection to God that simply being present and aware can bring is valuable to me.

In Luke Chapter 5, verse 16, It is expressed “But he would withdraw to desolate places to pray.”

There is a time for everything and so much of what we practice we become. Jesus took time to connect to the father, he took time to practice this form of love and care while inspiring others to do the same.

During the group meeting someone asked a question that remind me of the evidence of Christ. The question was, “what are you giving yourself the evidence of ?”
My mind took me to a place of love. Love is something everyone deserves and so many want the gift of love in their lives, however they keep gathering evidence that keeps them away from the very thing they want.

Jesus on the other hand, boldly confessed his love for people, and gave them the gift of love until he actually became the evidence of such.

What are you giving yourself the evidence of and what is the gift you want to create in your life?

Perhaps by practicing prayer and meditation, you may provide yourself an avenue to discover what this looks like for you.

God thank you for the gift of your love that Jesus became for us.
Thank you for who you are that we get to discover. Please instruct us to give ourselves the gift of love and the evidence of such in our lives.

In Jesus name amen.

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