Faith in every moment as a manifest

Everyday, every moment we are placing our faith in something. In the book of Mathew, Chapter 9, Jesus heals a woman.

When reading the chapter, in verses 21 and 22, the woman said, “If I only touch His garment, I will be made well.” Jesus, turned and seeing her he said, “take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well.” And instantly, the woman was made well.

We clearly see where this woman has placed her faith and she was made well. Where are are you placing your faith in today, that is giving you your life?

Are you content with the outcomes your faith is producing? So much of what and who we manifest is connected to our faith and it is so important to be authentic with ourselves and God regarding what we really desire.

The verse also says that he turned toward her, this gives me the understanding that the heart of God does not simply move in your necessity. The heart of God moves in your faith.

How have you moved the heart of God with your faith? Who are you as a manifest that people would be able to see the Spirit of Christ in you?

Are you in alignment with His word, and are you being responsible with the heart of God?


God, I ask you to grant us the strength necessary to place our faith in you and allow for us to desire only what is in your will for our lives. Thank you for all the blessings you have given us. Right now we chose to believe in your truth and may your truth fill us with a heavenly hope and a future.

In Jesus name,

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