When Heaven Speaks

The words we practice speaking in our daily lives creates. Every second of the day we create something, or someone. Last week I wish I had re-created my life, some people, and some past happenings.

I soon realized that my life is a gift, some people are a manifest and the happenings a story. In order to co-create anything the divinity of God must be present. How encouraging would it be if everyone we have conversations with, would speak from a divine place?
Where is divinity, that you are?

What is the space you find yourself in, and is it that you want to create?
In John chapter 1, verse 3, it is expressed, “All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

When we allow the heavens to speak to us, things are made new. Who’s Spirit have you received?

If all things are made through Him, then everything that is true is all that we co-create with the wisdom of God. Not simply the knowledge of men. Therefore only what is actually true is what is real. One is to master his or her reality in order to discern what is of God for his or her life and what is not. We are to also develop spiritual eye-sight. At times people have eye-sight, however do they have vision?

When we allow a space for heaven to speak to us, we are able to co-create with the wisdom of God. God continues to create and all that God creates is perfectly and wonderfully made. I hope you are encouraged today to co-create all that God has for you to be.

God, please gives us wisdom according to your word to co-create with you all that we are to create today.
Please give us spiritual discernment to see what is truly from you for our lives.

in Jesus name,

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