Spiritual Coherence in fellowship

I have learned that many people live in a quiet desperation. I myself have experience the space of what is to be around people and feel alone.

There is a spiritual coherence that is built when fellowship is present. The atmosphere changes, the space feels connected and often times it is how the spirit of Joy abides.

Spiritual coherence is a balanced state of harmony that occurs when mind, body and soul are present and fully connected to a higher dimension (God).

This connection is built when we are in fellowship to one another as the bible often instructs. We aren’t meant to do things alone or be alone; as it is not how God has designed us to be.

I would like to encourage you to strive for fellowship and seek this coherence with like minded people that are Christ centered and spirit filled so that you may experience the joy of what is to be in the space of togetherness.

God I ask you to grant me a space of fellowship with people that have been designed by you to be with me in this togetherness.
Grant me the ability to be a blessing to them and receive blessings from them.
Thank you for allowing us all to re-discover what it is to be like you in these spaces and give us wisdom to know how to edify one another.


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