Touched by Grace

Where wisdom is present grace abides. I had hopes for my life that often translated as misfortunes. Nothing went right and all had failed. I found myself in a space of nothingness; nothing went the way I hoped for myself to accomplish.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you just did not know?
This space occupied my life for sometime. I did not know why certain things had happened, why I lost my grandparents, why what looked so easy for others to accomplish was so challenging for me and what was easy for me is so challenging for others. One thing I was certain; where wisdom is present, grace abides.

I prayed for grace in the morning and in the evening. I asked God to fill the empty spaces in my life and plant seeds of hope and grace in my heart. In the quest for understanding I realized that some things are simply to be experienced rather than understood. The will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot keep you. I had a desire to be kept, and in many ways we all have a desire to be kept by grace rather than misfortunes. I would like to encourage you today to plant seeds of grace in your life so that you may see the bright hope and future God has for you.

God I ask you to plant in my life seeds of grace and hope,
transform all the mundane experiences into spiritual ones
so that I may be blessed and made perfect in your love


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