When the wellbeing of another is essential for your own.

Something to have, something to keep and something to hold. That is most known of love and of what love is. Someone asked me once what I had that love is; my answer was very simple. I responded by saying, ” Love is when the wellbeing of another is essential to your own.”

I often think about the words of Jesus when He expressed that we are to do to others as unto ourselves. I have seen many passages in the bible where He has gone out of His way to heal people, set the captive free, give water to the thirsty, food to the hungry and hope to the hopeless.

He started by doing this to His neighbors and to those around Him, which brings me back to; ” what am I to my surroundings that I can be for him? “

Everything is to be from the Divine (God) to the outside of myself. In a relationship, I am no different than this.

I have served in church since I was six years old, and have been of service to communities since I was about 10. I helped start orphanages, a recreational center, served in music ministries, thought Sunday school and I also flunked a pretty big relationship in my life. This brought me to the realization that I needed to lose myself in order to gain it. So I did.

I needed to lose myself in anything and everything I did in order to become the love I wanted to attract. I lived in the world of service, it’s what I knew and it’s great; however; it can very much exhausting to a person.

I then decided to shift my world of serving others to being of service to God even when serving others. I have since then experienced freedom. Freedom in love, freedom in being, freedom in service and freedom that surpasses the common understanding of reason.

“In Colossians chapter 3, verse 23 ‘ And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. ‘

It is no difference in relationships. People often have a hint of expectations when serving or giving unto another, How is that freedom?

When looking from the perspective of affluence and influence, I see how Jesus created that in such a humble and free path that it is rare in the world of today. He gave and freely gave and He became and so He is.

What if we can do the same in everything we relate to? What if we are here to love and be loved and simply experience and expand in love as human beings?

In this thought, I hope you have a great Valentine’s evening and that you are of the outermost service to you also and to others from a Jesus perspective instead of a self-inflicted reality. We are just passing through.

God fill me with your  love and instruct me to love as you love, Fill me with your  truth and allow me to be more as you are


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