Love and Expectations

Misplaced expectations cause unfulfillment. Have you ever had a though implied on someone followed by an expectation that left you completely disregarded?
I have often seen people impose pain in themselves by placing an energetic agreement on someone having never expressed that agreement through words. The energetic agreement and the physical agreement simply were not expressed congruently.

The Bible makes mention in Proverbs, that hope deferred makes the heart sick but a  longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

This is often the open door people give the enemy to parade in the relationship. When the person unknowingly carries that expectation, it is as if he or she is walking around with a cloud above the head. Nobody told that person what was expected and so there is no way to properly fulfill it. This also leaves the person who has placed the expectation without expression due to the mere fact that this person is simply living inside of her or his head instead of out there with the other person in the relationship.

I bring this up because the bible also notes that we are to guard our hearts for it is the wellspring of life. This is what we are to guard against, not as if we were never going to be hurt in relationships, therefore, this does serve to say we are not to put the heart on the line of fire. Either way, since all things work for good, it is all a form of personal expansion in the love we are that Christ can be in us.


Father who is heaven,
I ask you for wisdom in communicating with others all that I am to communicate.
I ask you to add kindness to my speaking and prepare the heart of that person that is going to receive my communication.
Thank you for all that you are, that I am still learning to be and deliver my heart from possible deferred hopes.


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