Take two

Have you ever had a day that you wished you had a do-over button?
Perhaps the plans you had simply did not go through as you thought they would, or maybe you laid out plans that simply did not fulfill your expectations.

The moment you faced everything you ever contributed to, even your worse nightmares. The lives you affected, the hearts you broke, the people you met only to look around and realize they simply aren’t what you thought they were.

It is fairly easy to take yourself for granted when everything is well, until a source outside of your every-day commodities allows for situational confrontations so that you can see yourself as God would.

God often inspires people to be strong in the grace He offers. Evil often wants to take your eyes off of the promises, for the mere fact that if you do, you already lost more than your own life. What would it take to stay in truth when obstacles are threatening?

What would it take to create a path where you see none, and a life where everything you had was simply taken away?
What would it take to be someone you have never been before and live a life you have never lived before. Would you have courage to do so?

Do you ever allow for that level of courage in your life?
In the verse reference bellow, God has assured success in any path simply by affirming the power people have in Him through His spirit.

In 2 Timothy chapter 1, verse 7, we read; For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and a sound mind.

What if you knew the path you are about to create for yourself is sure to work itself out and you have absolute success? 

Most people want assurance for their investments. Whether it is financial, emotional or even personal to oneself. People don’t want to be heart-broken or in despair. The knowing that no matter what happens, you know in the end you succeed and your heart is never broken again. The only thing is; assurance often robs you of faith thus than not allowing you to grow closer to God, the giver of faith. Do you then rely in assurance and would it not be exhausting to live life as if you were one?

Don’t confuse assurance with certainty, in faith you always are certain. In the certainty God gives, success is always around the corner. Having shared this with you; what is the certainty invested in you by Him that you are to share with someone today?

In creating that for others, you often find yourself in the path of life. A life you have never had before and you simply become. In this becoming, you are made new and in this new you get to know yourself as an expansion of a dimension you never experienced before.


Father maker of heaven and earth,
I ask you to grant me the courage to live a life worthy of your name.
Inspire me with your wisdom and establish me in your truth.
I give you my life and ask you to be the lamp to my feet and light to my way,
making all things new.
Allow me to fulfill what I came here to fulfill and deliver me from all evil.


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