About Character

According to some distinctions, character can be distinguished as the qualities impressed by nature or habits on a person. Character is not fully formed when a person has not acquired stable and distinctive qualities.

The Bible explains in James chapter 1, verse 7, ‘the double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.’

One can understand from this verse that acquiring an un-wavered character is a must in order for us to not have a double mind and promote internal stability.

Insecurity is an undeniable weapon used to hinder the thought process of anyone who is in the pursuit of consistency in life.

What is character that you are being to yourself? How are you being consistent with it?

It is easy to take a look inside and be critical at times because we think we know ourselves. We have established a consistent way given through a persistent interaction we have with ourselves and others about who we are as characters. This interaction often leaves us knowing, and knowing what?

Is this knowledge one that promotes a negative evidence or one that speaks to ourselves as God sees us?

He has already laid out for us who we are and it takes as much faith to believe who we are in Him; than the knowing of who we are in circumstances that circumstances are.

Everything we experience in life, one way or another shapes our view of who we are internally. The great problem this poses to our personal growth is that it’s only one way for us to see ourselves. God is a multidimensional God and He sees us in ways that are much higher than our own created ways of seeing ourselves.

I was once told that a person of great love is often a person of great faith, and Jesus asks us to love our neighbor as ourselves in Mark chapter 12, verse 31, this can be understood that our everyday interaction leaves us often depleted.

We are shaping who we are and who we want to be in every breath we take, every person we interact with and every motion we are a part of. We are to extend ourselves to one another in love. How are we be able to do this if we hold a view of ourselves that may not reflect the view of the Creator towards us?

The resolve to this incoherence is to know that in each moment we interact with anything is an opportunity for us to reappropriate ourselves as believers and servants of God. In doing this we get to rearrange our perspectives, emotions and analogies towards anyone or anything we interact with.

Heaven is a kingdom in which perspective is required in order to achieve an unmovable character.

Father, I thank you for the ability we have to see ourselves through you.
Help us to see ourselves as you do. Reveal to us all the distinctive qualities we have in you and establish in us a character worthy of serving you.

In Jesus name Amen!

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