Fear is false evidence appearing real

When reading the story in Mathew chapter 14, verse 30, ‘ Jesus asks Peter to walk out of the boat and Peter did just that.’

We can see that for as long as Peter kept his eyes on Christ he continued to walk until he decided to look at the waves and almost drowned.

It takes as much faith to keep a heavenly perspective as it does to look at the evidence of the waves. As Christians, we have been called to walk by faith and not by sight. Faith took Peter out of the boat onto the water towards Jesus. The moment Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the waves he almost drowned.

What is fear and how do we actually relate to it?

What is fear that we are to fear?
The words “Fear Not” have been mentioned in the bible 365 times, one for each day. If fear did not exist and it was a simple illusion or a shift in perspective, what could we perhaps do?

Fear is a projection that can also be shifted into courage and motivation. Courage is not the absence of feeling fear; it is rather being able to move in spite of it.

God I Thank you for giving us the assurance of courage and letting us know that we do not need to fear. Thank you that you have already conquered the world. I ask you to teach us to move in bold courage towards everything that we are to do. Give us the necessary wisdom to move forward according to your will.
I ask you to multiply your mercies and blessings unto us and may all glory be given unto you.

In Jesus name amen!

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